Unblacklist my Phone

What is Blacklisting/unblacklisting of phone?

People have lot of confusions over unblocking/unlocking the phone to use it however unblock and unlock are two different things altogether.

Blocking of a Phone blocks IMEI of the particular phone on the other hand Unlocking unlocks device from a particular service provider like (3 UK, Orange, T-Mobile etc.) so that you can use device with any other service provider though its in a contract.

How Phone gets locked with Networks?

Phone gets locked to a particular network (3 UK, Orange, T-Mobile etc) if they have sold you a device which is in a contract and also few Handsets are designed in a way that the first SIM card your insert it gets locked to that network.

So do i have to wait for Contract to end to get my phone unlocked from their Network?

No, you don’t need to complete your contract to get your phone unlocked from any ones Network Generally, every service provider charges some amount and gets your phone unlocked to use it with any other Network.

Once phone is unlocked will it be locked again?

No once phone is unlocked it will not be locked again in the future.

How phone gets blacklisted?

Phone gets blacklisted generally if a Owner reports Lost/Stolen to their service provider (3 UK, Orange, T-Mobile etc.)

apparently there have been cases people purchasing used phones from Markets, Stores, Ebay and many online stores that are reported Lost/Stolen.

Can such phones be unblacklisted?

Yes by contacting us you can get your phone unblacklist from 3 UK network, if you contact the service provider (3 UK, Orange, T-Mobile etc.) they will not be able to unblacklist it as the owner with that IMEI will be different.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Paulo
    Aug 08, 2015 @ 16:13:14

    Hi I have an iPhone 6 that recently turned blacklist can you help to unblacklisted? I spent too much to go back for a new one.


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